It's almost here! My annual limited couples' sessions! This year I am particularly excited because I will be partnering with Urban League of the Upstate (in Greenville, SC) and Sowing Seeds into the Midlands (in Columbia, SC) to donate each session fee to these organizations!

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If you've already done so, you may have asked the questions, "What should I wear?"

I've got you covered.

Comfort Over Everything

If my style had a motto, this would be it. Being comfortable is the most important thing you should consider when selecting your wardrobe for your shoot. There will be both poses of sitting and standing, so whatever you choose should be ideal for both. There are options that offer style and comfort, for both men and women.

For women, consider a dress or jumpsuit. One-piece options eliminate the need to coordinating multiple pieces together. However, if you decide on a skirt or pair of slacks, feel free to get creative with the paired options.

Men, a pair of khakis or your favorite pair of jeans you wear on date nights would work perfectly.

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Although all colors look great on camera, there will be some cuddling and canoodling during your session. Avoid bright, neon-like colors which could leave a color cast on your partner/spouse's face or clothing. Bold colors and neutrals will look better against the natural elements of both the venues in Greenville and Columbia.

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Coordinate, don't match. You and your partner do not have to both wear the same color tops and bottoms. You want to complement each other, not look like brother and sister (ouch)! Use contrasting and complementary colors to enhance each other's look.

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Take your outfit up a notch with some accessories; watches, bracelets, beads, or hats are all subtle additions that can add more personality to your session. 

I have been ready for so long to announce these couples' sessions and they are finally here! I don't want you to miss out so click the link below to learn more about them and book a session. Availability is limited so please get your session booked as soon as possible!