In November of last year, I underwent a surgical procedure called a microdiscectomy. For over a year I’d walked through life in pain, discomfort, and pressured sciatic nerve due to a herniated disc.

After my symptoms started I tried as many conservative methods as possible: chiropractic, physical therapy (twice), and  steroid injections. Most provided temporary relief, but my body was really communicating that there was a much bigger issue that just being band-aided. Surgery was my last resort, but proved to be much more effective.

During the time I was managing my pain, I also took up yoga. My friend Jamie is the creator or Black Girls Guide to Calm and I’d show up to her Mind, Body, and Soul yoga sessions at Legacy Park on Sunday mornings. I left each session feeling calm, refreshed, and at peace. Sometimes after yoga, we’d go for brunch which was also a good excuse for some quality girl time.

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This led me to spending more time at yoga, picking up meditation, and tapping into a journey of self-discovery of mind, body, and soul.

After my injury, I decided that I would no longer put my body on mute whenever it tried to tell me something. I really can’t afford to after undergoing surgery anyway. My mind? Well, we are still a work in progress. I often find that my thoughts get stuck up there, adding to the confusion. It’s helped that I’ve picked up journaling again and am entrusting those intimate thoughts and feelings to my husband and closest friends to help me sort through them.

My soul is finding joy in this process. There was a point where I wanted to completely give up wedding photography. I was afraid, of course, that I might re-injure myself (there’s a 15% chance of re-herniation even though I wasn’t doing anything wedding-related to injure myself. But I’m back on the grind (read: playing catch up)  in hopes that I’ll see another successful year with even more clients that make me love this job even more.


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