A consultation with your photographer usually focuses on what the photographer can provide you as a couple, but you should always be prepared to answer a few questions yourselves.

Why a Consultation?

If at all possible, I aim to schedule in-person consultations with any couple interested in hiring me to shoot their wedding.  I am very much an introvert, but your wedding day is too much of a liability to be stuck with a photographer you who don't communicate well with or have any doubts about whatsoever. Consultations are a time for us to get to know each other-- for you to see how much I'd much rather hear the two of you talk about how the you met and for me to gage the best way to engage the two of you. Come wedding day the ice will be broken and we can focus on creating a day to remember.

It's About You, Not Me

Many of the articles you'll find online about consultations focus on what you should ask your photographer. There's a lot of good info out there in addition to not so good info.  Be sure that the questions you ask are those you truly need clarity on and not just because you saw it on The Knot (yes, we know about that incredibly long list of questions they recommend you ask us).  During your first consultation with me, it truly is about you, not me. I ask the following questions to show you why:


5 Questions Your Wedding Photographer Should Ask You During The Consultation

  • How did you meet?

    • As someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know two individuals, I like to know the point at which you two first met and where you were as individuals.  Not only does this give me a frame of reference for your interests, hobbies, and sometimes occupations, but there are times when we can schedule the engagement shoot at the same location--just like Alix and Ryan did here.
  • What made you say yes?

    • I ask this question to the partner who was proposed to. Alternately, I also seek to find out at what point the proposer found themselves ready to pop the question.  And as soon as I do, the smiles begin to form. Who doesn't like to hear their partner praising them for being a kind, genuine, and supportive individual (at least that's usually what my couples have to say about each other)?
  • What is your budget?

    • Yes, your photographer should ask you about your budget. Talking about money usually puts people on edge, but at the end of the day your photographer needs to know whether or not they can offer you what you're looking for within a budget that suits you. If their pricing is outside of your budget, let them know. They shouldn't take it personally; it's part of doing business. And if they are within budget, be sure to let them know that too! Remember, this is a conversation.
  • What is the most anticipated part of your wedding day?

    • You never want to wait for your photos to be delivered from your wedding day and find that that one moment you wanted to hold onto is not in your album.  Your photographer should be mindful of your most anticipated moment of the day so that all eyes (and lenses) are pointed in the right place at the right time.  
  • What type of photos in my portfolio do you like best?

    • Okay, I lied. It's a little about me. But it's for your benefit. Asking which photos in your photographer's portfolio you like best is to ensure that you're hiring me for the unique style that I offer.  There are times when clients book a photographer only to ask them to duplicate the style of another photographer. Make sure that what you see on my website and social media is what you expect to receive.

When you're ready to schedule your consultation with me, be prepared for these questions. You'll find that meeting with me is not a sales pitch or an interrogation (by you or me), but a friendly conversation to determine how compatible we are. That's right, it's not just about your compatibility with your partner! I want to ensure that once you leave our consultation, you feel comfortable sharing your momentous wedding day with me.

If you're engaged and ready to book with me for your wedding, reach out to me here to schedule your consultation! I look forward to meeting you (preferably over tacos or donuts)!