Music is essential when editing photos.

Pandora to Spotify

In high school, Pandora was my girl. I'd search my favorite artist or genre then spend hours studying to every flavor of Nelly, The Dream, or Outkast. While I still get my fix of "Country Grammar" and "Ms. Jackson" every now and again, I tend to mellow out more while editing.  Artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu frequent my ear waves as their savory sounds are calming, helping me to really focus on the photos before me. 

Nowadays you can find me primarily on Spotify.  While I loved Pandora's consistency, I was getting a bit bored of hearing the same songs. Spotify rarely disappoints with its customized playlists and stations based on mood. 

Artists I'm Loving

The Internet

Thanks to Spotify, I have found so many more new and amazing artists-- some independent and other's I'm just late to the bandwagon.  After, IssaRae's HBO series, Insecure, debuted I quickly found the playlists for each episode. From there I found The Internet. I could chill out for days on end to their music. This Grammy-nominated R&B group is from Los Angeles.


Insecure also brought me to SBTRKT. "Hold On (feat. Sampha)" really gets me focused as I'm culling down photos to a manageable quantity to edit.

Tank and the Bangas

Thanks to NPR Music, my newest obsession is Tank and the Bangas. Listen for yourself: funky, fresh, and free!


On the road trip back from Charleston where I spent my birthday weekend with my best girl friends from high school, I was introduced to Bonobo. I've kept a playlist for those tedious editing jobs.

What are you listening to?