There are several elements to your engagement shoot that must come together to depict the best example of your love as it translates through photos.  Lighting, composition, and typically the location selection are solely influenced by me as your photographer. However, what you wear to your shoot is just as important. And for this reason, I would not recommend trying to assemble an outfit 30 minutes prior to your session.

I reached out to Stylist and Fashion Blogger, Felicia Hunter, of Fashionable Purpose to share her tips on what type of attire to rock for your engagement shoot!

1. Wear the colors of your wedding.

2. Choose a style of clothes that incorporates your theme (i.e. if you have a beach theme, wear sandals, sundress, bermuda shorts etc).

3. Avoid wearing formal attire to your photo shoot. Leave this expression for your wedding day.

4. Get creative! 

Felicia Hunter, of Fashionable Purpose

Felicia Hunter, of Fashionable Purpose

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Felicia Hunter was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, raised in West Columbia, South Carolina. At an early age, Felicia had a call on her life to be a change agent with  fashion.   She attended Radford University, receiving a Bachelor in Design (Fashion), minor in Marketing. After graduating with her Bachelors, she furthered her education with a Masters in Psychology from Walden University. Felicia continues to allow her love of fashion to influence her purpose. She began her website"Fashionable Purpose" in October 2013. Creating styles sets inPolyvore , online clothing and accessories store with Zindigo, and insight on fashion trends, Fashionable Purpose averages 200 page views a week. Wardrobe consultation and book publication are in the future for this fashionista. Her fashion philosophy is “Your wardrobe is an expression of you. Don’t change it; revitalize it.” She is married to her husband Brian and resides in Columbia, South Carolina.