Photo Cred: Sasha Q. Photography

Photo Cred: Sasha Q. Photography

I'm not even going to pretend like this is easy, much less for me. Standing in front of a camera makes me feel vulnerable as all get out, even though many people tell me that I'm a natural.  I never know what to do with my hands, but I can direct someone else to do so.  I'm not always sure whether or not the way I'm standing looks as awkward as it feels, but I can advise my clients to switch it up to create a much more flattering pose.  It has less to do with my self-confidence and more to do with how I actually see myself, literally.

It's been scientifically proven that we look different in photos than we do when we look at ourselves in the mirror.  Our eyes, brain, mirror, and camera work differently to produce a visual that is rarely consistent with our own memory of how we envision ourselves looking. What does this mean?

Being 'photogenic' isn't really a thing, at least in the colloquial understanding of the word. Technically, we all are photogenic (produced or precipitated by light). Somewhere along the way, society gave us standards of what a photogenic person was. Mirrors and mobile cameras now allow us to put ourselves to the test daily.

If you've ever shied away from photos because "you don't take good pictures", know that it's simply not true. Even with professional photos, a knowledgeable photographer will know how to style and pose you to display your most flattering self. Hair and make-up artists know how to accentuate your already attractive features to ensure that they look their best once on camera.

Trust the professionals, but most importantly, be confident that who you see in your photos is a good version of you. Being photogenic isn't exclusive to certain features. 

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