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Did she just...?

Yeah, I said it. 'Love' is lazy. Well, more like overused because of laziness.  And I'm talking about the word, not the feeling (Lord knows we need more love in this crazy world of ours).  Okay, Latoya....explain.

How many times have you seen someone's Facebook status that reads "I LOVE  this show!" or read a review to a product that simply says "Love it. I definitely recommend." I often read photography blogs in which the writer exclaims how much they "loved this session" or declare in their bios how much they "love love" (specifically for wedding and engagement photographers). Disclaimer: I majored in Mechanical Engineering, not English, so don't take this as my telling anyone how to be a better writer.

I think we owe it to the things we admire and enjoy to express our true feelings  and why we experience them, rather than just by saying "I love that.".

Or maybe I'm just one who likes to ask enough questions to truly understand. This is not a slight to those who prefer to use the word 'love' excessively (when I give compliments, it's my go-to descriptor). I'm challenging myself and others to search beyond the fluff to what you mean when you say you love someTHING.


Many of my clients will receive their images and leave me sweet notes that say, "I absolutely love the photos." And let me tell you, it will never EVER get old or make me any less excited to hear that my services met or exceeded their satisfaction.  If I could spend a little more time and translate it to what their innermost feelings would sound like if they had a voice, it would be something like this:

"I am so grateful you were able to capture my wife's true, natural beauty through the photos. She's very reluctant to smile in public, but you were able to photograph just what makes me grateful to be hers. I love the photos."

"I am impressed at how well you managed to hold a successful photoshoot with my active 4 year old.  This candid, genuine smile is the sweet reminder of why I'm happy to be his mother. I love them."

Of course, unless I photograph a psychologist, I'd never expect a client get to get that deep and explicitly describe their feelings (although it would be helpful). Every year when my family and I take photos, what I look for are images that truly capture the essence of our family dynamic. I'm sort of goofy, my husband is cool and reserved, and our son (now, 3 years old)...well, there's really no telling how he'll be during any given moment when it's REALLY time to be serious and get something done. But he's a perfect combination of his parents.

Challenge yourself. Be cognizant of how often you declare your love for something. Dig deeper and focus on why that is. I guarantee that your answer will give light to why you are most grateful for it. Don't settle for 'love'. 'Love' is lazy.

Okay, Latoya. You can go back to being a photographer and stop talking about feelings. ;) 

P.S. - Speaking of weddings and engagements, you should already know if you read my previous post that I now photograph small weddings and elopements. If you or someone you know would like to hear about my specially priced packages, feel free to contact me!

P.P.S. - 'Amazing' was a close second and almost got its own blog post as well. Okay, I'm really done now.



Greenville SC Wedding Photographer Latoya Dixon Photography